Jared Hirsch's digital lilypad 🪷

Hello 👋 welcome to my website

about me

I like to make music and math. For work, I help build and maintain the open source firefox web browser at mozilla. My wife is an artist; see her website for images of some of her work. After many years in California, we're now in the NYC metro area.

elsewhere online

once in a while, I send letters to the internet using mastodon.social, indieweb.social, mathstodon.xyz, or instagram (switching photo posts back to one of my old tumblr accounts once Tumblr adds support for the open, decentralized ActivityPub protocol). I don't use twitter anymore, but my account there is also @jaredhirsch (formerly @6a68).

computer / work stuff

my open source work and writings can be found on 6a68.net, github, npm, and bugzilla. You can also find me on linkedin. Every few years, when I'm involved in a major product or feature launch, I'll revive my @6a68 username on hacker news and reddit to help answer questions.

that's it for now 🙃

privacy and license notice

this non-commercial site contains no analytics or ads scripts. page design and content may be shared and adapted for non-commercial use, subject to the terms of the creative commons BY-NC-SA license. source code available on github.

🚧 site under construction indefinitely 🚧