Jared Hirsch's digital lilypad

Hey there 👋

I am an amateur mathematician and musician, and a professional computer programmer. I'm located just outside of NYC.

I work at Mozilla, where I'm on the team that builds the user interface for the open source Firefox web browser. I'm self-taught, and I work in the open to help provide opportunities for others interested in learning to code; tech is a great career for people with unprofitable creative interests.

I occasionally post photos or general updates at mastodon.social, and math-related updates at mathstodon.xyz.

I very rarely write longer technical blog posts at 6a68.net. Many of my past projects are hosted on github.

no posts here right now, but I might eventually do more with this site :-)

Update: I have a backup mastodon account at indieweb.social, might turn into a more permanent home as the big mastodon.social server hits some growing pains. We'll see.

🚧 site under construction indefinitely 🚧